Easy-to-integrate solutions for accessible media experiences.

From media players to mobile captioning for complex, multi-channel audio visual installations, AccessKit provides the tools you need to create a frictionless and immersive synchronized experience across a spectrum of accessibility and language needs.

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Phone being used for mobile captioning at the Shed with a 16mm projector.

AccessKit at the Shed

Using AccessKit to provide mobile captioning for a 16 millimeter film.

Easy Integrations

Integration scripts for a number of common media players, including BrightSign, Raspberry Pi, and Mac mini: no need to replace your existing infrastructure!

Multilingual Captions and Audio

An easily manageable CMS for multiple caption and audio tracks, with an AI-assist feature for translating captions to multiple languages.

Museum-wide Sensory Sensitivity Mode

Easy adjust the volume of all media players in your institution or an exhibition for group tours or events.

No-Hassle Connection

AccessKit works entirely in a web browser, so visitors need only a mobile phone to connect to your custom guide.

Audio Description and Transcripts

Visually impaired guests can experience installations in real time with synchronized audio descriptions, and transcripts allow curators and guests to investigate the texts of works.


See AccessKit in action at institutions like the Whitney, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Hirschorn Museum, the Hammer Museum, the Shed and many others.

Best-in-Class Tools

AccessKit includes a suite of tools for your team’s entire production pipeline, from deploying complex, multi-channel, synchronized audiovisual presentations to making visitor experiences accessible to all. Save time and increase production agility while reaching a wider audience.

Audio DescriptionMultilingual Audio and CaptionsWeb CMSMultichannel SyncrhonizationToggle for On-Screen CaptionsCustom ScriptingEmbeddable Player
Screenshot of the home screen of the AccesKit admin interface.Screenshot of an exhibition overview in the AccessKit guest view.Screenshot of captions for a work in the AccessKit guest view.Screenshot of the guest view being used to navigate multiple works.Screenshot of the homescreen of the AccessKit guest view.Screenshot of captions for a work in landscape orientation.
Screenshot of AccessKit theme customization.

Theming, Branding and Beyond

AccessKit custom themes make it easy to match the display of captions and work metadata to your organization's style guide with just a few clicks. You can upload custom fonts and icons, and if required, re-style the whole portal with an external stylesheet for seamless brand intergration.

  • Google Analytics

  • Dynamic SVGs

  • Rich Text Editing

Cross-platform synchronization
BrightSign logo.
Easy integration
Raspberry Pi logo.
Use your existing hardware
Mac Mini logo.

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